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We are your premier destination for high-quality research chemicals. We have the best research chemical website that is designed to provide you with a seamless and user-friendly experience as you explore our extensive range of products. Whether you’re a scientist, researcher, or enthusiast, we are dedicated to meeting your needs with our diverse selection of chemicals.

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Get your top-quality products from our research chemicals online shop. We have been supplying research chemicals for over 13 years and have gained a great reputation amongst researchers both online and offline.

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Cocaine Lovers, branded in the USA, supplies more than 150,000 legal research chemicals for sale, with over 20,000 items in stock ready for shipping.

Other than providing research chemicals used for drug research and lab reagents, we service custom compound synthesis, providing inhibitors, agonists, APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), chemical standards, and many other chemicals for research use

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CocaineLovers is a company with over a decade of knowledge in research chemicals. Our products are intended for laboratory, scientific, and industrial use and can be hazardous if mishandled.

We are known as one of the most trusted sellers in this branch. All our products are lab-tested. With our outstanding customer service we have created a powerful community of loyal customers.

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Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive selection of premium RESEARCH CHEMICALS, CANNABINOID, and Salts, with emphasis on supplying the best quality at an exceptional value with our outstanding customer care service. We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is crucial to our company’s success, and so we make every effort to assist our customers in all possible ways.

Cocainelovers continually strives to be an industry leader in innovation; to be consistently open to new ideas and new ways of approaching business, while keeping in mind the founding values upon which we are built. Chemstored believes in being an honest and fair company, and make every effort to demonstrate this in our actions by choosing ethically responsible customers and partners, and educating them about every aspect of our product lines.


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PGE1 (Prostaglandin E1)